In the process of developing our service offer we have taken great care in identifying and understanding the challenges that exist in the current market as well as what is needed to remedy the challenges faced. In doing so we have sourced and combined an array of solutions and applications into one encompassing service product: Precision™.
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In order to provide superior efficiency and reliability we utilize only new vehicles in our fleet.  Our vehicles are maintained in immaculate condition to ensure longevity and optimal life cycle.  Our trailers and cranes are specified, certified and optimized into configurations that suit our high demand requirements. An example of such a configuration is our aluminium deck trailers that enable us to legally carry up to two tons of goods more than normal standard spec trailers. This relates to higher delivery haulage with fewer trips.
New fleet and equipment
Trained & certified operators
Our personnel are hand selected well trained and certified individuals. Our drivers all are certified crane operators and our assistants all have rigging certificates. We further add to each contracted set of vehicles a dedicated logistics co-ordinator to assist as elaborated on below.
Real time load tracking
Each vehicle in our fleet is fitted with a GPS enabled PDA. This enables us to monitor and manage the movements of each of our vehicles in real time via the convenience of a web browser. We provide our clients with a user login to have complete visibility of the vehicles and their shipments allocated to the specific client.  This enables efficient deliveries and a better end client experience.
Introducing Precision™
The dedicated logistics co-ordinator liaises closely with your operations department. This ensures that all available shipments are allocated and processed well in advance (as far possible) this also assists with efficient and optimal load and trip planning. This is also an additional service we render to other transport companies.

Load, trip planning/optimization
Because of the structures we have in place we gather a variety information during the course of our daily operations. This information is translated and interpreted into a standard intelligence report which is made available to the client on a monthly to by monthly basis. A comprehensive report is also available at an additional rate. This business intelligence based element is also a consulting product unto its own.

Reporting & interpretation
As a standard measure where we implement dedicated vehicles to an individual client we provide the client with a basic marketing strategy to our mutual benefit.
Integrated marketing strategies